Fall Baking

October…that time of year when my mind wanders over recipes and what to bake. The cooler weather puts me into a baking mood. I absolutely love the smell of apples cooking on the stove, warm cinnamon and nutmeg drifting through the house. The air cool enough that I’m not dripping.

The beginning of October signals the start of three months that I really love. I have warm, happy memories of baking as a child, helping with the preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. As I’ve said on here before, my mother went all out for the holiday season. I’ve never taken it that far, but these next three months hold a special place in my life. Not to mention several birthdays coming, including another grandchild in late November.

My husband and I were married on October 20th. At the time, I wasn’t thrilled with that because I had always pictured a spring wedding and all those colors. Autumn had always had those oranges, yellows and reds that I didn’t really want for wedding decor. But now, it’s just a nice time of year to have been married. Everything seems to slow down a bit.

Back to the smell of apples simmering on the stove. This recipe made me think of that. The wrapping of apple bits into dough looked a bit time-consuming to me, but I think the finished product would be delicious! I’m not much for the tedious processes. More like mix it all together quickly so you can get it into the oven. But I really appreciate those bakers that are willing to take that time. Enjoy!