I’ve always had a bent toward the artistic, creative side of things. I am extremely thankful for this gift and I have enjoyed it immensely over my years here on this earth. But only now do I feel as though I am starting to really feel some of the potential. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Exciting because there is so much more to explore and learn…over whelming for those same reasons.

When I was a little girl, I loved to draw. I was always sketching something, coloring. Of course art was my most favorite ‘class’ of the week and I longed to have it everyday…all day. I took summer classes to learn pottery, macrame and anything else that was offered. I also wrote poems and songs. I dreamed of being a singer and the bed post finials of my canopy bed made terrific microphones!

Then the teen years came. My maternal grandfather was a very talented man. If he had a desire to do something, he did it. He made it happen. He built stone terraces, laid brick, and worked wonders in a yard. He made plantation-style shutters for my parents bedroom windows, from scratch. When he needed a new tool, he made it and if my grandmother needed a new cookie sheet, he made one. He’s the one that taught me to do a job right…the first time. To this day, I know how to fold fitted sheets because of him. Because I admired him so, I wanted to learn all that I could from him, and I did. He is greatly missed in my life, not only because of his talents, but his Biblical influence in my life as well. I only wish I had absorbed more of his patience!

In my late teens, I wrote my first story. I typed it on a Royal typewriter I had purchased for $5.00 at a thrift store. I had some strong fingers and broken nails by the time I had pounded that one out! But I felt I had accomplished great things. The story wasn’t long…and probably more of a ‘Harlequin Romance’ genre. I named my lead character the name I gave our oldest daughter. It was to be my name, but my father did not like it, even though it was an old family name. I was very disappointed with that, because I grew up with Debbie. There were always about four of us in a class, and my opinion was that any girl with that name, probably wasn’t the brightest bulb in the package. I tried in school to have people call be by my given name, but to no avail. I think the Debbie was just easier for them, or I really didn’t seem like the brightest bulb in the package! I think my future husband was the first one to tell me he didn’t think I seemed like a Debbie and he wanted to call me Deborah. There’s marriage material right there!

My early years of marriage gave me many opportunities, much to my husband’s distress, to practice all those trades I had learned from my grandfather. I built rock walls and landscaped where ever we lived. And we rented! Yes, I know you agree with my husband on this one. I painted, sewed curtains, and really loved putting all my interests into our homes. When we finally purchases a run-down house, I ripped out walls…and my husband put them back together. I’d say we made a great team, but he wasn’t into all that as much as I was! He thought the kitchen was just fine where the kitchen was, and why did we need to move it to the opposite end of the house? I’ll never understand that. Sigh!

I’m very thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had to express myself in so many ways. I’ve learned to sew, and decorate cakes. I am able to play the piano, if needed and I would love to learn the mandolin and guitar. But I have benefited greatly from two of our children learning these instruments. Now that I’m older, the writing is wonderful. As I said in my bio on here, I can sit in my climate-controlled office and there are no hurting muscles, strained back and rashes to deal with. In my life, I’ve had so many chances to try different things, so many ways to express my interests. And as I observe our five children, they have been given some of the same talents and abilities…and they have gone even further. And that is what makes life fun.

Have a great day, and explore some of your talents. You probably have more than you think. You are gifted!



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