Have you seen Fiddler On the Roof? I did, many years ago. For me it was really special because my mother had the sheet music for all the songs in the movie. So, by the time I watched the actual movie, I knew the songs. Sunrise, Sunset always made me cry, even when I was a little girl, and it was always my favorite one to ask my mother to play. Now that I have grown children and grandchildren…it takes on an even more important meaning in my life.

Here is a clip of that song in the movie, no copyright infringement intended, just enjoyment for the music.

The birth of a baby, a wedding and funerals are obviously very emotional and transitional times in our lives. A new baby certainly brings happiness with a new addition, but stress also comes with that. You are responsible for another human being…their welfare, in the form of food, clothing and shelter. As a parent you have much input in that child and they way they form their ideals for life.

A wedding is to be a happy time and celebration. But it can bring sadness, just as the above clip shows. For parents, that child is grown and beginning life on their own, with another person. You aren’t the most important people in that child’s life any longer. As a parent, you know the struggles and hardships that are to come…but you also understand the love and companionship that is shared in no other way. The weddings of our three daughters were very difficult days for me. They all married wonderful men, and I was honestly very happy for them and the life they were going to share with their husbands, but I was very sad. Sad for all the years that had gone before, all the memories that would never be re-enacted with them. A very huge part of my life, was being carried away.

Funerals are typically thought of as sad. Whether that person was here a few days or many, many years, there has been a bond formed, and they will be missed, by someone. For the Believer, they go on to be Face-to-Face with the Lord, and you rejoice for them. But those of us that remain behind are …sad. Sad for the loss of that person in our lives.

Sunrise, sunset…over and over in our lifetime. The magnificence of a new day greets us with hues of gold, lavender, pink and orange. Those colors bring hope and happiness to my soul, and give me encouragement to start the day off right. The evening dusky colors are often blazing orange as the sun sinks away as if to say…”Ta-da! Day is done!” God knew what He was doing!

Have a wonderful Monday! I hope the sunrise got you off to a great start. The above picture was taken by my husband on Friday night while I was at work. He, our youngest and our second oldest’s dog were enjoying the lake as the day gave its farewell.


What are your thoughts on this?

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