I struggle with posting. Not so much with what to write about…I have many topics to post on. As my family knows, and probably many of my friends, I’m not too shy about sharing my opinion. I have convictions and I have a definite thought on pretty much everything.

But I struggle here with what to share with you, my reader. I’m still finding my little comfy corner and the readers that want to join me there. Should I keep it light and funny, gently touching certain topics? Or should I delve deeper, going to places that aren’t so fluffy and fun? Should I speak of my convictions, stress what I believe?

I know what I don’t want to do, and that’s become political on here. Yes, I have concerns about our country and our world. I don’t like much of what is happening. I’m not very proud of our leaders in America today, but they are our leaders and I feel very strongly that the role should be respected. That doesn’t mean I agree with what’s happening.

What I do want to stress is that I know we are to live our lives as unto God, if we are saved. He has a certain set of standards, and He has given us a guidebook called the Bible. No, as a Believer I have not always followed that guideline, but I am still here, my hope is in Heaven and each day that I open my eyes to the new morning, I will apply His Word again.

I do want to live my life, and post on here with Christ’s example. He walked this earth for 30+ years, it is documented and He showed us the Way. That is my goal. He treated all people with love and respect, He prayed, He corrected and told those to go and sin no more. And He had a sense of humor.

If I can apply that last paragraph to my life, to my writing…I will be happy, and know that the gifts He gave me have been used to honor and glorify Him. I have a message to share, the answers are His answers. No, it’s not always easy and sometimes it’s downright difficult. It is a journey, and we can make it whatever we want it to be.

So please pray for me as God gives me the stories to write, and the posts to share. Sometimes they will be light and fluffy, but other times more difficult topics may have to be discussed. That is life.



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