Tiny Topics

I’ve always been enthralled with anything miniature. I think it’s amazing that you can make something out of itsy-bitsy items and it’s looks real.

So, as you can imagine…I love doll houses. I could get lost in studying a room like the two pictured above…each little detail.

I love the train displays…not because of the trains, but because of the little villages the track weaves through. I find it fascinating to see the wee towns and the ‘houses’ on the hillside.

After many years, I finally have a fairy village. No, I don’t really believe little people come and visit and night, (although I tell my grandchildren they do! ;)) I spent hours a couple springs ago, repainting my fairy village houses. What fun! Now that’s something I could do for a living! I received so much enjoyment looking up all the options for houses and accessories online. The possibilities are limitless!

I also have a Christmas village that has grown too big for my upright piano top. I originally set it there to keep away from little, exploring fingers. Someone would always lift them up and point out the ice-skaters on the little ‘pond’ made from tin-foil, the children sledding on the ‘hill’.

Tiny to me…is tremendous! Check out my Facebook post for today and you will find another petite puppy to make you smile.

Baby mice, hummingbirds, tiny table settings, white picket fences two inches tall, stone cottages for a tree frog, teacup chihuahuas, bistro for baby…and of course babies in general. These are some of my favorite things! Happy Friday to you!


2 thoughts on “Tiny Topics

  1. When granddaughters #2 and #3 were little, they made ‘fairy houses’, and they also
    collected ‘treasures’ when they would go on walks ‘down to the bridge’. In fact, they buried the treasures in our yard, and would dig them up every time they were together! The houses they made at the base of a tree, using twigs and bean pods, and the beans from inside the pods were the ‘people’. Memories!!

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