A few weeks ago now, I posted on my blue dishes and I promised some pictures of them. Well, life happened…again! Writer’s conference, a trip to Ohio to meet the newest grandchild, etc. put this promised follow-up on the back burner.

So, even though today is very cloudy and gloomy, no sun shining through my kitchen window to highlight the blue, I decided to take the pictures anyway. The light shining on the cobalt blue really is pretty.

 These dishes are very important to me. Not just because they are lovely and I adore the blue and white combination, but because they all have memories behind them. The largest blue vase on the top shelf in the first picture above, was given to me, from my husband. It was an anniversary gift, purchased in Branson while we were celebrating our Thirtieth Anniversary there. All the blue and white dishes on the shelves in the first picture and the plates on the wall in the second picture, are from Cracker Barrel. My husband gave me the first little teapot for a Mother’s Day gift back in 2002. My mother then followed up with the rest.

The pewter items: the pitcher and bowl in the second picture were my grandmother’s, maternal side. The yellow and pink pitchers on the top shelf in the third picture were also hers. I loved those items when I was a child. You can see the Currier and Ives plates in the third picture, top shelf. These are the ones I spoke of in my first post, and they are very special to me.

The ginger jars on the bottom shelf in the third picture were my mother’s jars. She kept them full of stuff when I was a child. The copper items were purchased by me, just before I was married. My dreams back then were to have the blue and white kitchen, with all copper pans. That dreamed changed a bit when I found out how difficult it was to keep them shiny! Now I use good, old stainless steel. I also love roosters…so here and there you can see one peeking out…all gifts from family and friends.

All of our homes are a collection of items, passed down through generations, filled with things we love for one reason or another. That is what makes a simple house, no matter how tiny or huge…a home. All my collections have followed me through numerous moves over the years, and they help give me stability and a feeling of ‘home’ when I display them. It’s not fun to pack them all up…but opening the boxes in a new place is just like Christmas! The loves reaches out and wraps me in a warm hug when all the memories start flooding my mind.

Have a great Monday and make it a terrific start to your week.


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