Lafayette Square

Everyone has an imagination. Everyone dreams. Writers just imagine and dream a bit outside the box…writing down those thoughts and creating a story.

I really enjoy reading historical novels and biographies. I admire those people that can research all that material, and then weave magic with their words. I am probably not one of those writers.

When I write a story, it has come to me, usually in a dream. Then over a period of time, it builds until I have to get it down into real words. Since I generally write fiction, I make up characters and places. But I also use some actual locations.

So, think of my delight when I was able to walk on the very sidewalks I had imagined in my head!

The second book in the Rubyville series takes place in St. Louis, Missouri for the first half. I did much research online about that city, learning much about it that took place in the late 1800’s. I loved doing that research! But even better, was me being able to walk through Lafayette Square, and see the streets surrounding it, the houses that my characters lived in. That was very special to me and my husband and two youngest daughters were there as well to share in it. It was a day I will always remember. It was also very special to see the train station that Annabella Barton traveled to and from.

So, thank you St. Louis, Missouri. You made this writer very happy on May 2, 2016. And if you are from that area…be sure to read A Place of Refuge

and let me know what you think about the story I weaved around all that history.


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