To Everything There Is a Season

So many changes over the past year! Some good, some bad, here an easy road, then a long hill to climb. Happy, joyous moments and mournful, weepy hours. I know it’s been the same for you. We call this ‘life’ and we all have one.

To Everything There Is a Season, is a song performed by the Byrds and others. You can follow the link here and have the song going through your head as you finish this post, just as it has gone through mine as I have written it.

That link will also give you more information about the song. No copyright infringement intended.

The song was taken from the book of Ecclesiastes chapter three verses one through eight. (3:1-8) Chapter one says, ‘The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.’ (KJV) King Solomon was the son of David. Wise words to remember as we live this life.

So as I look back over the past year, the struggles I’ve had physically, our son’s surgeries, two new people of importance in our children’s lives and the passing of my husband’s mother…there have been a lot of changes. It has been a season of adjustments and challenges.

It has also been a season of great joy and abundant blessing and that is what I want to concentrate on and revel in. Our son has healed wonderfully after each surgery and he has a very special woman in his life to help bear that burden. My husband’s mother had a long life, filled with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is now with the Lord. Our third daughter married and we now have another wonderful addition to our family and they are on the exciting road of building a life together. So many changes, but each had a purpose.

As I feel the cool change in the wind and see the colors changing in my garden, I know a new season is upon us. This month my husband and I will celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary…and then we begin another year. We don’t know now everything that will unfold, but we can be assured that change will happen…to everything there is a season. I am so happy that God planned it that way! It makes life so much more interesting! Enjoy and learn from the season you are in.


What are your thoughts on this?

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