I would imagine that the state fair was once an anticipated event for many. If you were a farmer, the culmination of your summer’s work would be celebrated and displayed for the state to see.

As a child, living in a home with a father that had grown up on a farm in his early years, fairs were something that we always did. Looking at the animals was a prerequisite for the day…and something I didn’t find too interesting. I mean, you’ve seen one cow…how many more do you want to see? The horse barn was a favorite for my father, and it seemed like we spent hours staring at horse behinds. Remember, I was a child, so that was about eye-level for me. In later years, when my family had several horses, and showed them at all the local fairs, I understood why the horses stood with their backs to everyone. They were just plain sick and tired of people, no pasture and having to look nice every day. When they arrived home, backed off the trailer and were led to their pasture…the first thing they did was roll. Kicking up their feet, and covering themselves with dirt was the highlight of their week! I’ve included these pictures before, but they seemed appropriate here. This one below is my brother showing for halter class with my parent’s Percheron, Bonnie.

Kreston August 1986 with Bonnie
Kreston showing horses.

Larry Johnson August 1987 driving BonnieThis one is of my father, also with Bonnie. She was a beautiful horse! I’ve posted before that my brother restored that market wagon, taking everything apart, sanding and painting to match the colors my family used while showing. He did a great job.

Yesterday, my husband and our youngest attended the Kansas State Fair. Here is a link if you would like to read up on it yourself.  http://www.kansasstatefair.com/ Every year the fair has ‘dollar days’ so you can pay just a dollar to get in. If you have a Dillon’s card, you get in for free! I think that’s a great deal! We usually walk around, look at all the animals, the displays, and a quick trip through the midway. Normally we don’t do rides. Long lines, hot sun, and chaos usually bloom here…not something us older folks find enjoyable. Since our daughter was the only younger one, and she didn’t want to ride alone, she didn’t go on any rides. She and my husband did ride the little train together while I had a blessed sit-down in a pretty gazebo. The breeze and the shade were the favorite part of my day!

At the end of the day, when we were eating someplace other than the fair…my husband said he had tracked how far we had walked. Almost four miles! I was happy to hear that…and believe me, my body was feeling it. My sunburned neck showed it last night. I did have a good time. It was lovely to spend the day with my husband and daughter, and I’m actually looking forward to next year…on dollar days, of course! There was another great find yesterday. Brewed, iced-tea, one dollar for 32 ounces! That’s a great fair deal! Thank you Kansas State Fair for a great day! Thank you to all the exhibitors that are willing to put up with less-than-wonderful accommodations for the week. Animals of all shapes, sizes and ages…I pray a quick return to your pastures where you can roll to your heart’s content.

I love this movie about a state fair. It gives you classic memories. Enjoy this little clip!



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