My Cup Runs Over…

Hi, my name is Deborah, and I write books.


I feel the need to introduce myself on here. I knew it had been awhile since I had posted anything, but when I checked just now, March 3rd was my last post. Way too long!

I started working as the Activity Director of our local nursing home on January 15th of this year. This past week, I finished the course to be certified as a director. To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. Most days I’ve come home from work, and felt as though I didn’t have the energy to shower and get ready for bed.

Our yard is a catastrophe, my kitchen project is hanging in mid-air, and the third book in a series I began last year is calling me desperately. Usually around 2:00 am when I should be sleeping. I’ve taken to playing games on my Kindle rather than reading, trying to block out the constant barrage of that ‘to do’ list. People I’ve known for years probably think I’ve died. But I’m still here…

I love my job. The older generation has always been a joy to me. They have so much to share, so much to give, so much to express…in so many ways. I think our facility is especially wonderful, staffed with caring people that have been there for many years. It takes a very special person to work in a job setting such as a nursing home. Let’s face it…it’s not really just a ‘job’. And if you think that…you probably shouldn’t be there.

Today, I hope to read the first pages of the book I was working on. That other life is calling me, and if you write, you understand. If I’m really motivated, these fingers just may type a few words, a chapter or two over this weekend.


My life is busy and crazy. But it is also overflowing, and a daily blessing to me. I’m so very thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given, and all the talents bestowed. I pray I use them for His honor and glory in everything I do.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Shifting Down

This is a post I’ve debated about writing for several months now. For the month of October, I tried some different things, just to see what that would result in. Some of you gave me feedback. A few people really liked the Monday One Liners and the Friday Trivia. A couple people said they would just rather read a post. To be honest, I’m rather lost in this blogging world. I just don’t know what works...for me.

I’ve blogged regularly for over two and a half years now. For those of you that blog, you know it is a time investment. Some bloggers seem to be able to take the world, (literally) by storm and within a few months they are off and running with thousands of hits and followers. That has not been the case for me, and I’m not really feeling that I’ve found my corner in the blogging world…or if I’m even supposed to.

As a writer, I love to write. I have written most of my life in some form or another. I will continue. But right now, I feel as though I should concentrate more on my novel writing, and those stories I need to tell. And I need time to do that.

So, I will be doing some reconstruction with my social media. My goal is to have more of a website, maybe a section that I blog in once a week, or once a month. I might offer a newsletter every three months or so for those that are interested in my books, and new releases. I have four books written several years ago that are badly in need of edits and covers. So, I want to make those a priority. I also have a little bird whispering to me about a fifth book in the Rubyville series. I also need to concentrate more on events, and speaking engagements.

The most difficult part of this decision is not having the daily contact with those of you that have become a part of my life on here. I so appreciate you! For sharing your lives with others, for the encouragement you have given me, for all the interesting stuff I’ve learned from all parts of the world.

This is not good-bye, but a pulling back and regrouping. I will still be here, and I will still share my life with all of you, just at a slower pace. You can still find me on Amazon right here: and my author’s page on Facebook:

I check Goodreads daily as well. It’s a great place to encourage others, as well as authors. If you’ve read a book of mine, or another author, please leave a review there and follow them. You don’t need to purchase their book to do those two things. Every little bit of encouragement helps an author get their stories out there. It’s not only about purchasing their books, which is wonderful of course…but about getting that author’s name known around the world.

Until next time…



Killer Uno, for Real!

Yes, it is two in the morning. I could probably sleep, but with the Easter weekend just past, a little more kitchen renovation squeezed in, and book edits this next week, my social media is taking a hit. So I thought, I’ll just take a couple hours to get everything up-to-date and I’ll be snoozing in no time. Wrong answer on that one!

For some reason, the world wide web is taking a break and all traffic is down to a snail’s pace. Not that I have a problem with a snail’s pace at times. Just not when I’m sleep-deprived. My yahoo won’t delete or load, my wordpress won’t save, and I couldn’t leave feedback on Ebay. So, I’ve drummed my fingers, contemplated which pots to put my plants in and sighed…a lot, waiting for this technology to get moving. So this may post, or not.

By the way, if you would like to have a chance to win the first book in the Rubyville series, A Place to Call Home, please go to Goodreads and enter the giveaway right here. I will be giving away three signed copies from a random drawing by Goodreads. The giveaway will last until May 17th. If your name is chosen, you will receive a printed copy with the correct cover. I have had a real struggle to get the cover changed on Goodreads and it’s still showing with the older cover! On May 1st, a giveaway will begin for the second book in the series, A Place of Refuge. This will last for one month as well, same rules. The third and fourth books will also be given away beginning on the 15th and 29th of May. I’m so excited to see how many sign up for the giveaway! As of about an hour ago, eighty people have entered the giveaway that began on Monday!

Now that business is taken care of, back to what I wanted to post about. You’ve all heard of Uno, the rather boring card game. To be fair, it is great for children. They can match numbers and colors, learn how to skip a person and play in reverse. But for an adult, you could be taking a snooze with your chin on the table before you know it. Not too exciting! Last night, our second oldest and her husband taught us how to play Killer Uno. After a few bruises, cuts and scrapes and a very high score for us over-fifty challenged group…and points are not a good thing in this game, I can say it was a lot of fun. Why we began playing it around ten in the evening, I do not know. That was a definite challenge for moi. Colors of cards and numbers were kind of blurring together. After a few ‘draw four’ wild cards piled on my turn while my arthritic fingers sorted them into some kind of order, I just sat cross-eyed. No, I did not win. I think I lost. At least I had the highest score. Yippee! No, that’s another game.

I would like to play Killer Uno sometime again. Sometime when I’m alert, sometime when I can remember my colors and the difference between a six and a nine. That little line means something, right?

Off to bed I go with visions of snails dancing in my head. Well, I assume they dance, at a snail’s pace! I think this one would. He looks pretty adventurous! snail-2084656_1920

And now my internet connection is gone…this is not meant to be!