“Natural” Childbirth: Anniversary Edition 

Granddaughter number four was due on the 23rd of December…and she has not arrived! I know I should be patient. I know I shouldn’t be anxious. But when your children go through something difficult, it’s a lot different than when you go through it. 

I have shared a couple other times from this blog. She is fun to read, she is married, she is a mother of multiple children, she’s a Believer and most importantly…she’s funny. So, in light of our daughter being a bit overdue with our granddaughter, I just wanted to share this. Having babies today is very different than when I had mine almost thirty years ago for the first time. And yes, I attended ‘prepared childbirth’ classes. I didn’t have a clue when I went into labor for the first time and it took me three days to deliver our firstborn, just a couple days before Christmas. So this gave me a chuckle and I had to share. Now, back to being patient! 😉

I am old. This is what the new batch of our babies have to look forward to. They have an old mom. And she’s way behind the times. They will to go school with kids that were birthed into swimming po…

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