Simple Pleasures

I absolutely love receiving pleasure from the very simple things in life!

It’s a reminder that you don’t need a lot of money to be happy. Your house doesn’t have to be enormous or in an exclusive neighborhood. The car you drive needs to be serviceable, or even a sturdy bike will do to get you from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’. And most people have two great feet that will do the job. The climate in your part of the world doesn’t have to be perfect. Contentment in…wherever you live, wherever you’re at, however you look, and how much money you make is where it’s at.

Today, I wanted to concentrate on those simple pleasures. The things in my life that give me comfort,  make me smile, and make a day that’s not going so well, just a little better. I hope they make you smile as well.

Watching the birds at my back door. Hedges planted just for them, so they would be safe and have a home for their families. I’ve now been rewarded with six pairs of cardinals, and they give me great joy.

The hummingbirds that return every summer. They sneak up, hovering over my flowers, pausing for a short visit in their busy lives.

Beautiful scenery of the seasons. The photos and pictures that take my breath away. And no, I didn’t include winter. That may not make some of you smile! But you can look forward to spring.

Simple houses in country settings. A place that I would like to one day live. If it was beside water, even better!

Landscapes that cause you to just say, “Wow!” There are so many of those. Beauty can be seen any place in the world, no matter if it’s a forest, field, mountain, river, ocean, desert or sky view. Just take a moment to visually enjoy what the photographer, or painter has seen.

Sitting beside my little fireplace, whether reading or watching a movie. It’s extra special if my husband is there with me.

The smell of coffee brewing, sunny pictures, and cute animals always make me smile. My husband took the picture of the butterfly.

And of course, my family brings me great joy. A husband to share my life with, children, their spouses and grandchildren that make it all worth while.

We  all have these simple pleasures in our lives. Take time to seek them out, relish the feel of them, smile at all that you have accomplished. It makes your heart swell with joy…and that’s what life is about.



Do you see those gorgeous pink blooms above? I am so thrilled to see them pictured here in their simple purity! I would just take a big sniff, if I could, they look just that beautiful.

You all know I’m a ditz when it comes to techno stuff. I’ve complained about it multiple times on here. But again, thanks to my daughter, a.k.a. my editor and helper for all things computer challenging, I now have those very pretty roses.

Who knew you had to download them in a certain way?! “Not I,”replied the computer illiterate writer. To give myself a little, teensy-weensy bit of credit…I did get them onto my site all by myself. And I could just weep with happiness since I didn’t lose anything or mess up something else. I was even able to make a couple more little tweeks to the site! Wow!!! This is a big day for moi!

I realize some of you may think I’m a bit over-the-top with this excitement about something you may find so very simple. But let me relish in my achievements for a little while. You have to take the joyous moments where ever you can find them! Have a fantastic Tuesday!