I’m really dragging my feet today. The Kansas weather is warm again and it’s calling me outside. I should:

  • Rake the yard
  • Trim my bushes
  • Remove dead plants
  • Take the rotten arbors to the dump. (During our tornado warning last week, the one with my beloved grapes blew over!)
  • Clean out the pond
  • Get pots ready to plant

The heavy duty list:

  • The fireplace outside needs more mortar
  • I have several yards of cement that should be laid
  • The house isn’t terrible, but after ten years, a new paint job would be welcome


I’m so happy we don’t live here!

  • The garage needs cleaning
  • Spring cleaning is here, and you can read my post on that one from last year!

And I’m in the middle of almost two weeks of working everyday with a couple days off here and there. My job is not a sitting one! I love it, but it exhausts me!

Just a few years ago, I would have gone out and got that first list taken care of in a day, maybe two. Then I would have started on the second list. Today, even the bright sunlight isn’t pulling me from my office chair. And I know 4:30 in the morning is going to come quickly when I’m on first shift again. Well, my shift starts at 6, but I like to be early and prepared. So of course I don’t sleep!

Is this the meaning of growing old? Because if it is, maybe I should just skip the house and move in to the assisted living where I work! A huge sigh!

This too shall pass. All those items on my list will still be there when I arrive back from my writer’s conference the first of April. Maybe then the tasks won’t seem so overwhelming. Perhaps the days of corralling five children, painting the house, weeding the garden and making bread in a single bound will return? Now I’m really dreaming!


I could handle this view for a few days!