This Is My Father’s World…

I love music…in almost any form. I have a tremendous appreciation for those that play musical instruments, and those that have been gifted with voices to sing. (There are those of us that sing anyway!) 😉

I have written before about the few years that our children and I had a family group of mostly blue grass and gospel. This was because of our children’s musical talents. I was just along for the fun ride. Our son learned guitar, our daughter played the mandolin and just about anything else you tossed at her for a few seconds. Our son could handle that aspect pretty well too. I watched them with amazement. Our second oldest wrote a couple songs that we used in our concerts. Well, we used one of them. The one that was happy and uplifting!


When our son and daughter went away to Cornerstone Bible Institute in South Dakota, our little group was no more. Children grow up and want to have their own lives for some reason…and that makes me a bit sad. But, I have wonderful memories, and they still share their lives with us. I am very thankful for that!

If I am remembering correctly, I’ve shared a little about our son, and why it is even more special that he has the musical talents that he does. In his mid-to-late teens, he was diagnosed with cholesteatomas in both ears. Since he did not have chronic ear infections while growing up, the doctors said they were congenital. Since he had other difficulties at birth, this was not a surprise to us. Nathan had surgery on one ear just before he left for Cornerstone Bible Institute. Because of repeated surgeries on both ears…several on each ear, he missed his last semester of school. He is now at Cornerstone completing that year.

We were told the cholesteatomas were very bad, and each surgery came with lab work to  assure they were not cancerous. A couple times, the growth had come very close to crossing into the brain. We were told he could completely lose his hearing.

Nathan is now at Cornerstone, finishing what he began several years ago. He did not lose his hearing, but he does have implants behind each ear that help him hear. And he still plays the guitar and harmonizes beautifully. God has gifted him with these talents. He is also our electrician and carpenter when he is home…so he is greatly missed in many ways.

It was an honor for Nathan to be asked to do the video (that I will share the link to) with Luke E. Boy.

Luke is another very gifted young man that Nathan met through Cornerstone. Luke and his siblings have also attended the Bible Institute. He builds tiny houses, makes his own instruments, composes his own songs, does his own photography…and the list goes on and on. I do apologize to Luke if I missed anything! You can check out his Facebook page above. Please like it and check out his links. He has some interesting things on there.

Now here is the video of Nathan and Luke…two very talented young men. We hope to be hearing more from them in the music area! Traveling mercies to Luke as he travels across the United States once again, and shares all that he is doing with his beautiful photography, art and music. And to God be the Glory!



Welcome to This Big World!

She has finally arrived! After waiting for nine months, everyone in a family and friends are anxious for the arrival of a new baby. The mother even more so. When the baby sleeps past the due date, it’s difficult to not become anxious.

Our fifth grandchild arrived on January 3rd. She is the fourth girl in the grand baby line-up. Our first grandchild, a boy, will have to be patient and keep praying for another boy to bond with. There may be many opportunities ahead!

Brand new babies are so tiny, special, and adorable. They have a unique smell and they are cuddle experts. They also don’t sleep much, need diaper changes, and want to eat…a lot. New parents have an adjustment period, and it can be very trying. Much patience and prayer is needed to get you through those first couple of weeks.

Then you kind of slide into a daze and survive at least 18 years, more years added with each child.

At the time, when I was struggling with four children under the age of nine, there were many days that I thought it would never end. I would never sleep again, take a shower or eat without interruption. My days for the rest of my life would consist of getting up, getting dressed, making a meal, doing laundry, cleaning up, making a meal, cleaning up, doing laundry, making a meal, cleaning up, doing laundry, getting baths done and then hoping for a few hours of down time. When the flu season hit, I didn’t even dare to hope for that last point!

But it did end, and now I watch my three daughters struggle with the same routine and sense of being buried in the laundry room…alive, with children calling, “Mommy, Mommy!” as they drift away. And those years don’t seem as though they took as long as they did while I was living them.

I absolutely loved being a stay-at-home-mother! I was always extremely thankful that I didn’t go out to a job everyday. We lived very frugally, didn’t have much, but I was with my children. I really enjoyed taking care of our home, fixing meals and washing clothes. It was my life, for a very long time.

But I also don’t want to go back to those days! I think the biggest lesson in life is to enjoy and make the most out of every day you have, and live in that day. Don’t wish for the past, or expect the future. Just settle down into the today. Make the most of each little minute, even when many of those are spent at the kitchen sink, or sitting in a rocking chair nursing a baby…all. day. long.

Welcome, baby Ashlynn! We are so thrilled to have you as part of our family. We are excited to get to know your unique little you and all the plans God has for you as you grow into the woman that God has designed you to be. We pray for the new parents, and God’s direction in the way little Ashlynn should go. We pray for patience, long-suffering, and sleep. You have been given a wonderful, precious gift. Cherish it.