I Did It!

Well, after only about 12 hours, I finally have an updated site! Am I any wiser about menus and widgets, plug-ins and gr-avatars? I don’t think so. I read so much ‘stuff’ that my brain is at capacity. No wonder web-designers get so much money for what they do! But, I am pleased with the result from my end of things, and you will have to let me know what you think.

Why all the roses? I love roses! I love flowers in general and would like a bouquet in each room of my house, fresh, every week. But…that would be more money than a web-designer. I love the delicate fragrance of roses, and I have some sweet-smelling ones on my trellis, planted near my kitchen door. I adore English gardens, with climbing roses tumbling over white fences. But Kansas is pretty far removed from that…so I’ve tried to create my own English garden.

And for some reason, people have always told me they think of flowers when they see me. I have always taken that as a great compliment. So, maybe a little branding going on here.

At any rate. I hope you enjoy the new site. I’m feeling comfy already. Now it’s time for a nap!