Just the Bears Watching

As a rule, I generally don’t talk politics on social media platforms. I may like or comment on something that is important to me. But I don’t engage in heated discussions.

The biggest reason for this is my writing. As an author of women’s Christian inspirational fiction, I want to reach readers with the redeeming message of God’s work in our lives. We are here for a purpose, each one of us. And it’s our responsibility to figure out what that is and live it to our fullest potential. I want my books to show that life is really rotten at times, but you can survive that and go on. You don’t have to be perfect, look beautiful, or have your life in order. You just have to keep getting back up and forging ahead.

I don’t want that message taken away by me fighting for my rights, or taking sides. All of us know what side we are on, what we believe. Some are more vocal about it than others.

Believe me, I’ve prayed, and thought long and hard about my position concerning social media platforms and writing. They are a huge help with any small business. They are a fantastic marketing tool.

But they are also developed by people that don’t have the same goals in life as I do as a general rule. Every decision I make in my life, every step I take is balanced with my belief in the Bible first, and then my beliefs as an American. I believe the Bible sets us free, and I choose to live my life by certain standards.

I firmly believe that all the social media platforms developed by all the names we are now familiar with have the right to control content. They developed them, it’s their site. They made the rules. We can play or not.

Because I believe I have freedom to choose, freedom to live my life the way I want, I may not play much longer. And that is my choice.

The problems begin when someone’s rights step on mine. Just because you have the freedom to do something, doesn’t mean you have the right to do it, or that you should. There are always consequences. You may like to run around in your yard with no clothes on. If you live in the middle of nowhere and just the bears are watching, that is your choice. But in a neighborhood, there are consequences for those actions. The biggest one being against the law in most places. On a more human level…just plain offensive to some.

Image by Annick Vanblaere from Pixabay

This past year, maybe more than others, has really clouded the freedom to choose. In past years, if you didn’t want to be exposed to something, you stayed home. If you were sick, you stayed home. Believe me, I spent many years working in church programs such as the nursery and AWANA wishing parents had made the decision to keep their sick children home! But, I could not control them. I could only make my immune system stronger, and be ready.

I think we are on shaky ground now because of fear. People don’t make good decisions when fear is controlling them. As a Christian, it shouldn’t be an option, but it is at times. Because we are human. Being informed, researching, and knowing the facts helps with that fear.

Anyone that knows me, understands that health-related topics have always been important to me. As I said in my last post, that stems from my mother having leukemia at a very young age and using alternative methods. That included her going to Mexico for treatment. There were risks involved. So, I have always believed that health-related decisions are a person’s freedom to choose. I’ve worked in the medical profession enough to not believe it all, and remember to be informed, and make my decisions based on facts. I have that freedom.

I use natural products as much as possible. My daughter recently introduced me to Earthley Wellness.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Their site: https://www.earthley.com/ I’m including that link for those of you that may be interested in more natural products. I’ve liked the few products that I’ve tried so far. I do not know the people that own the company, and I have no reason to promote them, other than what I read this morning. And that is what prompted this post.

This company was started because of a mother’s concern for her child. She had the freedom to do that. I think the company understands what is happening, and they are taking steps to do what they need to do to sell their products, and speak their mind. Again, their freedom to do. You can read about that here:


My rights end when they infringe on your rights.

No company, business, or person has the right to share their content on someone else’s platform without consent to do so. I don’t want views that I don’t believe put on my author’s page, etc. Hence the reason I may soon disappear from the big social media platforms. That may be a bad decision from a marketing standpoint.

But I never began writing to make money.

I firmly believe that those readers that stand behind me, will still be there. I have a message to share, and I will until I’m no longer allowed to. I will keep adjusting my strategy until then.

As a side note, and another reason for this post this morning. My yahoo news feed informed me of this:

Yahoo News

The Postal Service is running a ‘covert operations program’ that monitors Americans’ social media posts

Really? A big sigh. More research for me to do! Have a great day everyone!



Yes, I voted on November 8, 2016. Who I voted for is not the purpose or topic of this post. I am always disgusted by bad behavior, no matter where it comes from, or who does it. It’s not about your gender, color, background or education. It’s all about your actions in this life.

I am a Christian, and I believe in the Sovereignty of God. And as a Believer I abide by the laws of the land and respect my leaders, no matter who they are. I may disagree, be angry, want to fight, but I can still show respect. Christians are in the world, but not of it. That means you take part in what is going on…vote, pay your taxes, abide by the laws, and train your children to do the same. Yes, there are isolated situations where you may need to take a stand for your beliefs, but you can do it with respect and love toward others, shining as a light in this world.

As a citizen of the United States of America, it is my responsibility to uphold the laws of this land. This country was founded on a great value system, which included God. No, all the founders didn’t live an ideal life, no they weren’t perfect and yes they made mistakes…but we all do. I sincerely believe they were in prayer about establishing this country and they did the very best they were led to do. Now it is our responsibility to do the same.

Elections in the United States of America are not about and shouldn’t be about the candidates color, gender or most of the ‘stuff’ mainstream media has made it . It should be about the very best man/woman for the job. The person that can lead our country and uphold the values we were founded on. It has become almost a popularity contest like we all would have seen in high school.

America was great, is great and I pray it remains so. We are a country like no other. We do have equality in gender, color and background, and if you disagree, check out the news in other places. And we are still striving to be better in all those areas. People in America are standing in the streets protesting the new president-elect. Other places that I can think of, this would not be tolerated. Generally, here in America, we have the right to live our lives as we choose. That is not so in many, many places here on this earth.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It’s simple. I do understand disappointment, fear, anger and hostility. But our actions are what makes the difference. I can disagree with someone’s religious views, abortion, homosexuality, being a vegan and whether they don flip-flops in the winter. But once it leaves my thinking process and enters my actions in a negative way, it’s wrong. Having respect for another person in any decision they make, from whether they voted for Trump or Clinton, to how many body piercings they have is what it’s about. God looks on the heart/soul. Man looks on the outward appearance.

Let’s stand united! Let’s look toward the next four years and what we can do as a nation. Let us respect and love one another, building up and not tearing down.