As I get older, I don’t seem to get sick as much as I once did. When I do get something, it doesn’t last very long or hit too hard. Just enough to put me off my routine for a couple of days. And that’s aggravating. So here I sit at two in the morning, because lying down hurts, sitting hurts, walking hurts, but I can still type. And I am thankful I can sit at the computer for a couple hours at a time. Doing that yesterday helped me to pretty much finish my current manuscript. Yes, I’ll go back today after I’ve slept a little more and see what damage I did. You want to be careful of what you write in a haze of fever. It may come back to haunt you!

During my malaise, (and I’m calling it that because I don’t know what I have, but everyone in our town has it), I’ve watched way more Netflix and Amazon Prime than I usually do. And for some reason, each movie I’ve seen has been about someone battling a disease. ALS, which my maternal grandfather died of, breast cancer and a coma are just a few of the areas I’ve explored the past couple of days.

These movies have made me extremely thankful for the health I do enjoy, most of the time. I take for granted that I can get out of bed each day, that I have a job that is pretty physical, and that our family hasn’t really had to deal with too much in the health area over the past several years.

Why does God allow some to be stricken with cancer, etc. at such young ages, while others live to be 90+ years old? We don’t know, or understand, but it happens. Why are some given a full life and many years, while others leave this earth as children? It makes me sad, and especially sad when I see others suffering.

So for all of you that aren’t feeling so great, eat some of these:

Have a cup of something warm:


And feel better soon! get-well-1485632_1280

Before we know it, spring will be here and the flu bug will be gone! Until next time…