Have Fun…Shop Local

I had the pleasure of attending another event in our little town on Saturday night. It’s called Candlelight Charm and it’s held every year on the first Saturday in November. The purpose is to get everyone in the Christmas shopping mode. The stores all stay open late and they have specials, drawings and refreshments for the shoppers. It’s just another neat tradition our little town has.

Of course I was there with my books! Our oldest daughter was chained to our booth, so she didn’t get a chance to walk around like she loves to do.┬áBut it was great to have her there for moral support and to talk to people. I’m a much better writer than ‘speaker-to-people’ person. If I have a speaking event, then I’m good with that. But small talk is not my forte! I usually end up babbling, talking in circles, until my face turns red and I just smile.

But when a grandchild enters, I have no problem babbling.


As you can see, when it comes to grandchildren, I can be a pretty scary person. Poor Ava, if she could walk, she probably would have jumped from the stroller and run very, very far away.

We had a good time, sold a few books, ate some fudge and met lots of people. All in all a great evening. Until next year…

Here’s the rest of the family, minus a couple working sons-in-law, and of course the picture taker, our second oldest. I think they had a good time too.