When I sit down to read a book, especially in the summer, I want a light, happy read. I don’t know why this is more important to me in the warmer months, but it is. I desire to read stories about beaches, and warm days on the sand, children playing outside with the fireflies. The long days of summer were always a happy time for me. Hours of swim lessons, and neighborhood friends, riding bikes up and down the sidewalk. Times I thought would go on forever.

But as we all know, they do not.

As far as I can recall, I have not done a book review on here. I review almost everything I can. If I purchase something, I review it. This is important to me because I rely so heavily on reviews of a product before I make a purchase. Sometimes I watch reviews and investigate for months before I buy. I want to know what I’m getting for my money. And usually, the reviews are pretty right-on. Most of the reviews I write are on TripAdvisor and Amazon, and those two places are where I read the most reviews.

So when I read a book, I review it. If I was less-than thrilled with it, I will only give it a star rating. If it was really terrible, I will write my humble opinion, and if I enjoyed it, I will give the reasons why. Today, I read a collection of poems written by a woman that I have come to know through her blog, https://rhythminlife.net

This little book, which you may purchase or read for free if you have kindle unlimited right here: https://www.amazon.com/Audacity-Her-Making-Sense-What-ebook/dp/B07256W1Z3/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1498058670&sr=1-1&keywords=the+audacity+of+her was an emotional read. As someone that encountered abuse in my early teens, it really spoke to me. The author lets us into her soul, and that’s difficult to do. Only after much healing, physically as well as emotionally, can a person write with such pain and truth, but not bitterness. This book is a must-read for those that have dealt with abuse as children, or are trying to understand a person that has been abused.

No, this book is not a light, beach-read. But it is an excellent, easy read. Because even through the author’s pain as a child, you sense hope in what she has become today. And that makes me happy.

Thank you, Susan for your poems. For letting us see a glimpse of what has made you the strong woman you are today. Someday, I look forward to a collection of poems on the process of healing, because I know those words are there to share.


4 thoughts on “Boldness to Speak

  1. Thank you Miss Deborah 🙏. Thank you for your kindness and being one of the many beautiful women I am learning to look up to. Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank-you for your love and support.🙏🙏🙏. It took years to be able to boldly speak. It has taken the Grace of God for me to be able to understand True forgiveness that has allowed me to leave my pain to the Lord. I continue to pray that through this life of mine, God’s name will be known and honor given back to Him. Thank you again 🌹

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  2. Thank you Deborah. Thank you for your kindness, love and encouragement. When I put together the few poems in the “Audacity of her”, it​ was scary to throw myself out there for the world to see and learn from my healing. Speaking up is very hard; that lesson I have come to learn. But I know that God is sovereign to use our suffering/pain for His glory. I pray that through my journey, His name will be known. Thank you again and again 🙏

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