Once upon a time, my husband was a photographer. He took photos for a newspaper for a very short while. When I met him, he was always taking pictures. He literally wore his camera wherever he went. Because of this, we had loads of pictures of our first days together as man and wife. I even have one of me eating a pop tart for the first time! Our first baby was photographed much more than the other four. And we still have all those pictures, in a box…somewhere.

He was very talented in catching just the right moment. He had a great eye for colors and the way items showed in their best light. I say all of this in the past tense because he no longer wears his camera. He hasn’t had a good camera for many, many years.

Which is why I thought these pictures were even more beautiful. They remind me of the colors of autumn, a theme for me the past few days. And who says a cell phone is just for talking? Beautiful pictures, husband of mine! Maybe it’s time to purchase another camera?



What are your thoughts on this?

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