Okay, it is late, and I am about to chew nails. See this picture below?


This is me, trying to figure out how to update this blog. I would rather be out there, in a machine, moving gears in the setting sun, as I try to set this, little boxy thing, on a little ‘X’ marked on the spot it is suppose to go.

So, no, I’m not important and giving you a heads-up that my site is under construction and big things are happening. Then, when I’m finished, you’re going to be ‘wowed’ by all the improvements.

No, I’m just stopping for the night, so my eyes will stop bouncing in my head and then I will try again tomorrow to ‘upgrade’ this blog. Using this WordPress just boggles my mind! I should word that differently. I am able to use it pretty well now. But if I go to make any changes…forget it! So, just click anything you want to read, it’s there in triplicate…I think. If you want to purchase a book, go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and type in my name or title of the book, because the links aren’t working on here. Sigh!

And yes, I know you are to keep your site easy to navigate, clutter free and visually appealing. But right now, I’m just happy I haven’t lost it all yet. (I’m speaking of my blog, not my mind.) So, please don’t leave me, and I promise to return with hopefully…something! Good night!



2 thoughts on “GRRR!!!

  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I get so frustrated with WordPress. I finally just have my granddaughter help me, but even as good as she is, there are just things we can’t figure out. AARGH!

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    1. I am so techno/cyber challenged! Those probably aren’t even the proper words for it. So, today will be lots of research on what to do. I should be writing, but this ‘project’ is stuck in my head now! I WILL succeed! šŸ˜‰


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