Change can only begin within each one of us. Yes, I’ve seen and heard the depressing news once again. No, I don’t want to get too political and rant on here. Sometimes though, little thoughts just come out and have to be shared.

We all have a set of standards and rules for our lives, whatever they be. The most liberal person in the world still has ideas and values that he/she holds to. Each of us has opinions whether we choose to share them or not. Any one of us can make a change for the good or bad…and it’s completely our decision. Yes, we can be caught up in stuff that was not our making or our desire, but how we relate and interact with that is totally ours.

We have the ability to change. Change our thinking patterns, change our reactions, change our views and change our circumstances in life. We are not usually victims of anything or anyone other than ourselves. And by chance, if you are a true victim, you have the ability to deal with that in a positive way in your life. There are countless examples of people that have overcome substantial loss materially and physically in their lives. And they have survived to go on and succeed once more.

Change can only begin within each one of us. We can choose to live our lives and not be angry or depressed about what is happening all around us…from within our own families to our world. We can choose to love rather than hate, live being content rather than seeking revenge. This life isn’t about what color you are…we are all created equal. It’s not about seeking revenge…God will take care of that. It’s about accepting Him and applying His Truths to your life. If you apply love to others in your world and you are content in any situation as you deal with it as you need to…change will happen.

The world situation is not about what everyone else is doing. It’s about what you are doing.


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