Well, I did it! I finally made it out to the yard, to do some much needed trimming. With the help of our son-in-law, son and daughter, the hedge is trimmed. That is a big accomplishment for me…something that has been wearing on me for about a year now. The birds were a bit distressed for a couple of hours, since that hedge is their home, but they settled down again with the help of some quiet time, and a bird feeder filled to the brim.

I know many of you are thinking, “Trim the hedge, what’s the big deal?” The problem with this hedge is that it grows very quickly. I love that aspect of it, and it was the reason I decided on that hedge. But you have to keep on top of it, or you have trees before long. Our hedge was very tall and I loved it for the privacy, but it was getting a bit scary as well. When you have to trim with a chain saw…it is out of control. Now it is a bit short, but when the leaves fill out, it will be lovely.

The picture at the top is of our magnolia in the backyard. It is pretty right now, all blossomed. I liked the view of the trellis in the background. Come late summer, that trellis will be filled with grapes. You can just make out our garden beyond that. It used to be fairly big, but this year, it may be about half. I did notice a couple rhubarb poking out of the soil…so a few survived the trauma of a few weeks ago. Lesson learned…don’t ask your husband to till the garden when you are in writing. Plants like rhubarb and horseradish, that are not obvious in the early spring, may not survive the helpful husband.

So, with a sigh of relief and a few sore muscles, I write this post. I still have some raking to do and a bit more yard clean-up, but the worse is over. And as I said, it will be lovely in a month or so.


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