Joey and Rory Feek

Many of you have been following the courageous journey of Joey Feek. I have listened to many of their songs on YouTube, and I have been following Rory’s blog, This Life I Live, scenes from one man’s extraordinary, ordinary life. I would like to give you a link here, but still can’t seem to get that to work. But if you search the title in italics, it will be there to click on. Then you may read about Rory’s life yourself.

All of us have difficult roads to travel, whether it be health concerns, loss of loved ones, money issues. Each of us have been given a particular set of circumstances to deal with while here on this earth. I would just like to share the video below, as a tribute to the way this couple has dealt with the set of circumstances they have been given.

Keep this family in your prayers. Remember the testimony they have had while traveling the journey God gave them, as husband and wife, parents, and their ministry in music. We hurt for them, we don’t understand, but know that God has a purpose in this and I pray for peace in their souls.


What are your thoughts on this?

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