Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I am about 57 days late…but did I wish you a ‘Happy New Year’? With the shootings in Hesston, Kansas yesterday…people and their actions have really been on my mind today. We have friends that have family in that area, and it’s pretty close to our little town…more close than is comfortable. People are frustrated, hurt and angry. They are living their lives without hope, and they are striking out. It is difficult to live in a world today that doesn’t seem fair…hard work is generally not rewarded, pay for a job well-done is not heard of anymore. You struggle and struggle and never seem to get ahead. The rich get richer and the poor become destitute. If you dwell on this, it is depressing…and seems as though there is never going to be a way out.

Then I heard this song today. It is not deep, but very simple. And just because we are 57 days into 2016, doesn’t mean I can’t wish you a ‘Happy New Year’…because we still have ten more months to focus on the light and the good. If you are a Believer, your hope is in heaven. If you are not, you can change that. It is all up to you.


What are your thoughts on this?

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