There are days when I look back on all the technology we have and I am really ‘wowed’. When I was still in school, microwaves were just coming into homes…and my close-knit group of family and friends weren’t there yet! A TV dinner seemed like a pretty big thing for me!

Phones, as I have mentioned before in other posts, were still attached to the wall in most homes. You were really going places if you had a long cord and could walk around with it! Again, I was fairly impressed if I could stir a pot on the stove and talk at the same time. In one of our houses in my teen years, we still had a party line! It was cleared up shortly after we moved in, but I think it’s safe to say that the people before us didn’t have a problem with it.


Traveling across Arizona to California recalls signs posted in hotels and restaurants that they had air-conditioning. I know our car didn’t, so that was a FANTASTIC way to spend a meal or sleep. On the trip home with our lobster-red sunburns, the air-conditioning would have been even more appreciated. Many homes and even stores did not have air-conditioning.

Computers at school? Seriously! You took typing class and hit the return, most of the guys aiming for the trash can at the end of their desk. If you wrote a report, you wrote it over and over again in pen, hoping you wouldn’t make a mistake and have to start all over! I still marvel at the delete button!


We have so many items today to make our lives more easy and convenient…and I really appreciate them, most of the time. But yesterday, my laptop wasn’t on the top ten or even five list. Going off the grid, living in a small cabin by a stream, no phone, electricity, etc. was beginning to feel pretty good. (And in reality, I really wouldn’t have a problem with that once or twice a year to just get away from everything.) But, our son was able to come over and work diligently to try and figure out the problem. And to be fair, I shouldn’t say it took all day…just from 10 a.m. to around 8 p.m. Just enough to pretty much ruin the bulk of getting anything done.

The plus side…my laptop is running much quicker than it has in a very long time. It will actually keep up with my typing, now. Yes, that was extremely frustrating before! Our son showed me ways to be more efficient in using my laptop…and the joy on that one is still being considered. I really do understand what he is saying, but this old dog gets pretty stuck in her ways. But I guess I’m stretching my brain and it probably could use a little exercise. So…maybe I’ll get some writing done today and my computer won’t have to try and catch up with me! Have a great Saturday!



What are your thoughts on this?

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