Treasured Moments

River Forest Stream in Summer Have you ever meandered along a meadow brook like the one pictured here? The trees would clasp their branches over your head, sheltering you from the noon day sun. You could rest beside the slow-moving water, your back against the trunk of an arching tree. Maybe take off your shoes and dip a toe in the cool water before ‘going all the way’ and standing barefoot, the clear water rippling against your ankles. You could lean your head back and close your eyes, listening to the gentle gurgle of the stream, the birds singing in the shade of the trees. A breeze would whisper through the green corridor and you could sigh with contentment and peace.

Mountain StreamOr maybe you’ve hiked along a mountain trail, climbing over the occasional rocks until the rush of water grew louder in the trees. You pressed on, following the sound until you brushed past the edge of the woods and stood at the brink of all that roaring water tumbling over the smooth rocks. You could breathe deeply of the wet earth and pine trees in the spring sunshine. All that water would beckon you to cool your tired feet. A boulder beside the stream would be your chair as you slid your toes into the frigid, sharp depths. Tiny stabs against your skin as you adjusted to the spring flow.

What about the night air, crickets chirping to one another? Fireflies flicker in the dark trees, tiny lanterns spaced in the meadow. The silvery light of the moon stretches across the navy surface of the water, pulling your gaze to the heavens above. What sweet peace fills your soul as you revel in all that has been created. These are the treasured moments. The ones that come far and too few between. Remember to enjoy them this summer, either alone or with those that are special to you. I know I will be looking for some!Mountain Stream at night


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