Can you smell the flowers?

Can you smell the flowers?For some reason I’ve been in a beach mood the past few weeks. I don’t know why. I’ve always loved water. The sound of a mountain river, flowing over smooth rocks or a meadow brook, gurgling gently in the heat of a summer day. Tall grasses growing to the water, tiny fish gathered along the edges. Lakes, pristine and clear, reflections of autumn on the surface. But the ocean really pulls me in. (Not literally of course, that would be dangerous!) I could stand on a beach, watching the waves roll in and pull the sand out for hours. Closing my eyes and hearing the rush of the waves puts me in a peaceful state of mind.

Water calms my soul. The picture I posted here really speaks to me on so many levels. I’ve also used it for my Facebook cover picture. The picture is maybe a little idealistic, more a painting really, but it makes me want to walk right into that scene. Smell the flowers blooming in the evening air, making it pungent with perfume. The little ‘ribbons’ of water would lead me to the ocean’s edge and I could stand there until dawn.

So yes, I’ve been in an ocean state of mind lately. Living in Kansas is about the furthest away I can be. Thank goodness for our local lake!

So look at the picture, really ‘step’ into it. What does it make you think of, hear and smell? Just a little bit of peace in a hectic day. I pray your day is wonderful!


What are your thoughts on this?

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