Thank you for faithful men!

As I was typing the title for this post, I was thinking it might mean a whole different thing to some people. But I like the title so I will keep it. If you read the entire post, you will then know.

My husband, our second to youngest and I just spent this past week in Hot Springs, South Dakota. We went there to collect the rest of our daughter’s ‘stuff’ from Cornerstone Bible Institute and to attend a Pastor’s Conference there. And…to bring our daughter home.

The purpose of this Pastor’s/Bible Conference is to give pastors and those in ministry a time of encouragement and relaxation. This ministry is just in its beginning stages, this was the third year we have met together, but the founders of this would eventually like to have a retreat area there in South Dakota. Pastors and their families could stay in cabins with a stocked pantry and just have time to rejuvenate, be encouraged and relax. This is called Black Hills Ministries. I personally think it is a fantastic idea!

And that is why I am so thankful for these faithful men. Each year we have had men, usually pastors or teachers that come and speak for several sessions for three days. It has been a time of such learning and encouragement for my husband and I! These men present God’s word in such a way that these days just fly by. God’s word comes alive and is an encouragement. It teaches and at times steps on our toes, but we always feel refreshed and ready for the battles ahead. These men take time out of their very busy schedules and teach us…and that is a privilege.

So why isn’t it a privilege for all Believers? Why is it that church and learning God’s word is something to do if you don’t have anything better to do? A hundred years ago, families gathered in their homes and read from God’s word. If a pastor came through the area, they were thrilled to be taught by a man that had studied God’ word and could teach them deeper truths. Now, we have churches sitting almost vacant with no one wanting to be taught. And going to church IS about learning God’s word. It is for the equipping of the saints, the Believers. It’s not about what you can or can’t wear, how exciting the Pastor is, how long the music program is, etc. It’s about truth being taught. If truth is not taught, you should not be there. The only way you know and understand if truth is being taught is by learning God’s word and having sound discernment.

Are YOU thankful for these faithful men? Do you support them by attending services that they have spent many hours preparing for? After all, we only sit for maybe an hour or two out of our entire week. We devote more time to exercising, cleaning house, gardening, watching TV…you name It, than we do for Godly pursuits. And yes, I struggle with the same things. I too have to prioritize my life. I do know that I don’t want to stand before God and give a list of ‘things’ that were more important than Him. What about you?


What are your thoughts on this?

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