Dirty Rags

I woke up this morning to a sink full of dishes. That’s a huge one for me. Then the sink was clogged, an ongoing problem in our house in the kitchen area. The rest of the house has new plumbing, just not that section that I use every, single, day, multiple times. So, I plunged it until I worked up a sweat, and then left it. Another big deal for me. A clogged sink and dirty dishes on the counter while I sit here and write. What’s this world coming to? What’s my world coming to?

So I went to YouTube for some happy music. My daughter has been sharing some MercyMe music on Face Book the past several days, so I just typed in their name since nothing else came to mind. I wanted something upbeat and with a message, and boy did I get it with this song! When the video first started I was a bit repulsed, I must admit. There is that O.C.D side of me again! I wanted to take a rag and start wiping all that gunk off those poor guys! How could they sing and play instruments with that covering them?

And that’s where my day turned around.

How can we as people go through our days and our lives covered with our past sins? Our regrets, our mistakes, our I-wish-I hadn’t-done-that-moments? How do we crawl out from all that gunk that follows us through life, dripping over us and making us dreading the next step we need to take? How do we live our lives with physical challenges from birth, or acquired along the way.

What do we do with cancer, loss of a loved one, chronic illness, financial crisis, or just a life that is what it is from bad decisions? Because we’ve all accomplished that last one, probably several times over.

None of us are flawless, none of us are without sin. What redeems us is God’s grace. He sees us as we ought to be, not what we are. Enjoy the song. And keep those dirty rags under the sink where they belong!