Like many of you, my thoughts this time of year turn to spring. The renewing of the earth, trees bursting with bright green growth, flowers pushing through the  cold soil to spread their petals toward the bright sun. It’s also the time of year that we celebrate Resurrection Day, or Easter as it is commonly called. And that is fitting.

Yesterday a dear friend brought an arrangement for this song, a song I’ve always loved. A song I wish we had sung while my children and I were still active in our little bluegrass/gospel group. I sat down this morning at the piano, and played it. It was a rather rough rendition. I play piano rarely these days, and a song with three flats was always reaching out of my comfort zone. But the lovely tune was there, and the words brought the same refreshing balm to my soul that they always have. Imagine…How Deep the Father’s Love For Us…that He gave His only begotten Son?

I will be posting this on Sunday. I pray a beautiful, peaceful Sunday for you as you worship and learn more about our Father. Psalm 118:24


What are your thoughts on this?

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