For Women Only!

That got your attention, didn’t it?! I’ll have more men readers today than ever before! 😉 This post may get a couple people in my family upset. My husband because he thinks I have too many shoes, my daughters because they think I should give them away…to them, of course!

Shoes!!! I love them. Pretty strange for someone that prefers going barefoot, and once did most of the time. Not so much anymore, need a bit more padding in the foot area these days. But just think of the shoe options! Pumps, platforms, flats, chunky heels, spikes or kitten heels. Beaded, sequined, ruched, leather or satin. And the lists just go on and on.

Each time we have moved, my husband has commented on the amount of shoes I have, the boxes I needed for them. To be fair, I don’t really have as many as I have seen some women. I don’t have a huge walk-in closet lined with shelves of shoes. I keep mine in their original boxes, stacked in neat rows on the bottom of my closet.

Which is why I’m posting this today. Every year, usually the first of April and the first of October, I get ready for the new season. I have posted on the cleaning aspect of this a couple of times on here, so you can go check that out if you’re interested. But I also rotate my shoes. My closet is small…sigh…and I move those stacks every six months. And yes, I’m a bit late this year. But the flip-flops just don’t work in December…really people. Unless you live in the tropics. So put them away until warmer days arrive!

When I had all those boxes pulled out, I took some pictures to share. And now you can see that I really don’t have that many. Of course these pictures show only a few of my shoes. I thought I should add that disclaimer.


You always need a dressy shoe for that special occasion. The black ones don’t show well in this picture, but they’ve had a lot of use. The silver ones are really comfy!


I love the turquoise flats and they are SO comfortable. The pump in the back has a lovely tweed look to it and I haven’t even worn the other platform sandal yet. That is one that could show up missing if my daughters have their say.


Again, more shoes that I haven’t worn yet! The navy blue and white pump is really pretty and great for summer. The slingback goes perfectly with a dress I have. The red, cute, cute shoe in the back was bought for my daughter and I have a blue pair that I have worn a lot. Again, a dress that goes perfectly with them!


And of course, boots!!! I adore boots and I wear them a lot in the winter. The burgundy pair in the background was a really nice surprise today. I had purchased them in the summer and I had completely forgot about them! Happy Birthday to me! The black ones in the front go over my knees and they are really comfortable and warm. Purchased for my daughter, but she gave them to me after a season.

Do I have a problem? Should I seek shoe therapy? I think not. Every pair of shoes I have are purchased at extreme sale prices, almost always under $20. I wear my shoes for years, wash them after each use and pack them in their little box. I don’t spend my life shopping for shoes and I don’t keep them on display. But I do enjoy what I have! Now I just need to wear them more!shoes-619529_1920

This is a little bonus for you. Aren’t they adorable? Yes, we start women to thinking about shoes very early on in their lives.These cute, cute little shoes made me think of our newest grand-daughter, due to arrive on December 23rd. And no, the white pumps at the very top are not mine, but they are gorgeous! I wonder if they come in my size? 😉


What are your thoughts on this?

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