Summer Songs

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a writer…but my senses are usually in overdrive. With every change of season, my eyes, ears and nose go into full swing. No, not with allergies, but just the enjoyment of that new, precious time. I am very thankful for this.

It is now summer, not officially on the calendar, but in our everyday lives. School is out in some places…and it is hot and getting hotter. Childhood memories of going to bed in the daylight and sweating until the wee hours of the morning knock on my brain. Afternoons at the swimming pool, mowing lawn, riding bikes, and the ice cream truck. The smell of that fresh grass and a newly cut field of hay. A summer day downpour…cooling the air in Colorado where I grew up…making it steamier here in Kansas…usually.

So music also plays a big part in my brain…setting the scene for summer. Of course the Beach Boys always comes to mind…probably for most people. They are the quintessential summer group, in my humble opinion! There are other songs as well, but today this one came to mind…and as always…I can’t shut if off in my head! So, I’ll share it with you.

The very first time I heard this, was with my husband, no children, (and they were all at home then), on a gravel road heading to our little town from Manhattan, Kansas. And yes, summer was coming! It just set the tone for that day and gives me pleasant memories each time I hear it again. Enjoy! Summer is here!



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