Welcome to my world!

My name is Deborah. As of this date, May 11, 2022, I have been trying to update this site. It is a long process. The information below has changed a bit…but for nostalgic reasons I am going to leave it for now. If you follow my posts, you know some of the changes. I will say that my husband and I have been married for thirty-eight years now. We have nine grandchildren…each developing their own little personality. Please enjoy this little walk down memory lane until I have the heart to update the information and the pictures. Just add five years to everything! 😉

I finally have a recent picture of me thanks to my daughters!Edited, cropped, cover photo 2All my children are a great help when it comes to anything technical. I can usually figure something out, but I don’t have the hours, days, months to do it!  I’ve been married for 33 years…wow, THAT is a long time!


I included this picture of my dear husband and me because it is just fun, and sometimes you need to have a little fun!

We have five children, four girls and a boy. The boy is right in the middle of all those girls…just by God’s design. God knew he would need it to help him grow and flourish.  The two oldest girls are married to brothers.

Britta's wedding Sep 28, 2008     My husband walking our oldest down the aisle.

IMG_2520Our oldest and son-in-law, September 28, 2008

IMG_0313 Second wedding day June 7, 2014


                             Yes, that is about how crazy our lives have been since these two wonderful ‘men’ have entered our daughter’s lives.

The oldest and her husband have three children, OUR grandchildren. I still think that sounds wonderful.

Joshua & Charity March 3, 2013Joshua and Charity, March 3, 2013.IMG_0183Charity Ann on June 7, 2014

IMG_2336Eden Marie with my husband and me on October 4, 2015. A little poem for you!  They grow up so very fast!

Joshua and Charity, catching their first fish in May of 2017.

Another grandchild arrived on April 22, 2016.

Ava Leigh  is a beauty!  She is now almost two years old, and her sister Eleanor Rose joined that Meadows branch on November 22, 2017. 11-23-2017

Grandchildren are definitely one of the perks for having all those children! Grandchildren are a blessing and FANTASTIC!!!

Our son is currently single and waiting for the woman God has for him. With his talents and hard-work ethic…well, I’m his mother!

IMG_2390 This is our son and third son-in-law. To get some perspective…our son is 6’2″ and our son-in-law is 6’5″. We grow them tall!

The next daughter married another wonderful young man. (I don’t know how that happened…three fantastic son-in-laws so far!)

IMG_2360October 4, 2015

You can view a beautiful video with music of some pictures from their wedding on September 19, 2015. I posted that in ‘A Day to Remember’. On Mother’s Day 2016, they announced a new arrival in their family around the very end of the year. Ashlynn Joy arrived on January 3, 2017. What a way to bring in the New Year! Here she is, just one day old.

Mommy and Daughter - 1-4-2017

She has now celebrated her very first birthday, and is waiting the arrival of a little sister in February of 2018. Cute little mouse - 11-2017

Grandchildren grow up quickly, just as children do. Capturing those special moments is key to keeping those memories alive. This picture was taken on Easter Sunday of 2017. It says so very much about our grandchildren and what they mean to us. Each personality is shining through.18090708_10155275580618804_513646526_o

Our youngest is thirteen. She is home schooled, and showing so many talents, just like her older siblings. We have been very blessed in that area. I’m sure she has days when she really wishes she wasn’t the only one left at home. Her father and I can be pretty boring at times…okay, most of the time.

Courtney and Catherine - 2009Second oldest and youngest in 2009.

Our children have been home schooled and have attended public school over the years. The oldest four have all attended Bible Institutes. For a short time our family was involved in music, gospel and bluegrass mostly. But I must say, our son is extremely talented when it comes to playing Johnny Cash. We didn’t do any of those concerts though. We did a few concerts in the area and had a great time with it. Practicing could get a little stressful sometimes, but it all came together for ‘show time’. Our son led us with guitar and our daughter played mandolin. Our youngest, second oldest and I sang.

Alyssa, Catherine and Nathan at the Emma Chase Cafe        Jam Session at the Dykemans May 6, 2008

I will be heading back to work full-time as the Activity Director at our local nursing home. I’m really excited about it! I’ve worked with this amazing group of people before, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the residents. Our older generation is a dear and viable part of our world, and they need to be appreciated. It is an honor to spend time with them! I’ve also worked some retail…a job that I DIDN’T love! My husband served as a pastor for two years and I’ve been a Sunday school teacher, an AWANA Director, played piano for church and served as  the church clerk. I love to redecorate and landscape. I used to do a lot of cement and rock-work, but am feeling my age with that hobby. I used to love to garden, but after several outbreaks of rashes, (several a year for many years) that desire has kind of taken a back seat as well.  I also used to sew a lot. There is a post on here talking about that period in my life.

I’ve lived in many  states over the years.  My father worked for IBM so we had the ‘privilege’ of moving to many different locations over my growing up years. Which was great…that’s how I met my husband in upstate New York.  I grew up in Colorado, mostly, and now live in Kansas. I would love to live near an ocean, but a nice lake would do.

From my first post, you know that I love to write. That is what I am working on the most right now. I think it’s because I can sit in front of my laptop, in my climate-controlled study. No breaking back or rashes here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey through my life and the family that I share it with. I appreciate this opportunity for you to get to know me a little better. As always, I would love to hear from you! This is the day…make the most of it! Psalm 118:24


13 thoughts on “Welcome to my world!

    1. Thank you! Now I’ll remember your anniversary! Our second oldest was married on June 7th, 2014, so almost three years already. Very difficult day for me…never thought I would feel that way. Those growing up years when you are stressed and exhausted pass by so quickly.

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  1. Hi Deborah! You’re a CNA in assisted living, and my mother’s a retired medical CPA, now working in elderly assistance. 🙂 Small world! She’s trying to find an assisted living situation in Wichita or nearby for my brother, who is head-injured; maybe your paths will cross. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it is a very small world. My paternal side of the family is Norwegian and Swedish, came over in the late 1880’s. My maternal side is Scottish. So I was interested in the places you’ve lived! Makes for great story writing! =D

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  2. I know I’ve learned much of this over the course of the short time we’ve known one another. But it was fun to read it again! I love you, Deborah, and look forward to what is ahead for both of us!!

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  3. hi Deborah, much fun to read more about you…so many things I didn’t know! I wish you could be here gardening, bet you anything there’d be no rashes. I’d love to garden with you. You and George don’t sound all THAT boring! Happy for all the positive changes that have come along with your writing. I bought “To Thee I’m Wed” on Amazon last week or so—now waiting to dig in to reading it. Keep writing!

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    1. Thank you so much, Julia, for your comments. Yes, it would have been fun to garden together! I think I could have learned a lot from you. And now, I feel really bad that I didn’t send you a copy of “To Thee I’m Wed”! I had just thought about that the other day…even if you didn’t read it, just for you to have since you did such a beautiful cover! Your clients probably normally do that…but I’m a dintz when it comes to things like that right now! Anyway…I hope you enjoy it!


  4. I wish I would have known all this when we first started attending PBC. It took way too long for us to become friends…but I’m so thankful we are! It’s been so fun getting acquainted, and I love you to pieces!

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